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A dynamic global event for connecting, discovering, learning, and sharing.

Why Participate:


  • Connecting with peers and other like-minded individuals to build your “excellence” support network.

  • Discovering how to exemplify performance excellence where you work, live, and learn.

  • Learning ways to ensure performance excellence is a key business strategy for your organization.

  • Sharing & gaining proven practices you can apply in your own organizations or communities.


Inspire! is created for teams of leaders and practitioners who are embracing performance excellence and continuous improvement in roles such as:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Customer Experience/Satisfaction

  • Marketing/Outreach

  • HR/Organizational Development

  • Operations

  • Finance

  • Quality/Safety

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Product Development

  • Supply Chain and Purchasing

  • Regulatory and Risk Management

  • Community Leaders

  • Educators

  • Patient Experience Leaders

  • Business Intelligence

  • IT

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