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The 2023 Inspire Conference & Encore Presentation are over. Join our mailing list to get updates on the 2024 Baldrige Fall Conference. Join our mailing list HERE!

What to expect

At Inspire, you can expect an immersive and empowering experience that will ignite your passion for excellence. Through engaging keynotes & pre-conference workshops, networking opportunities, and inspirational sessions, you will gain the tools and inspiration to elevate your leadership, drive exceptional performance, and make a lasting impact on your organization.

Why Participate

  • Connecting with peers and other like-minded individuals to build your “excellence” support network.

  • Discovering how to exemplify performance excellence where you work, live, and learn.

  • Learning ways to ensure performance excellence is a key business strategy for your organization.

  • Sharing & gaining proven practices you can apply in your own organizations or communities.


Pre-Conference Workshops


Attend Pre-Conference Workshops on Oct. 16th:

  • From Interest to Action:  Inspiring Your Organization's Performance Excellence Journey 

  • The Power of Lean Six Sigma in a Baldrige Journey – An Interactive Simulation Game

  • Building a World-Class Workplace - Explore best practices in leading, engaging, and achieving with your team!

No More Missing Sessions

​The Inspire Baldrige Fall Conference is going to be a little different this year! 

All sessions are brought together in a cohesive manner, utilizing an engaging plenary format reminiscent of "TED" Talks. The conference is structured to ensure that attendees do not have to make difficult choices between sessions. This format allows speakers to deliver their presentations in an exciting and concise style. Consequently, participants can fully engage with the conference content without the hassle of session conflicts and use their downtime to actually connect with other attendees.

Networking Event
Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Virtual Simulcast

For those unable to attend in person, you can still be a part of this transformative experience from the comfort of your own space! With over five hours of captivating our virtual simulcast, you won't miss out on the powerful insights, and inspiring speakers. 

Inspire is created for teams of leaders and practitioners who are embracing performance excellence and continuous improvement in roles such as:

  • Executive Leadership

  • Customer Experience/Satisfaction

  • Marketing/Outreach

  • HR/Organizational Development

  • Operations

  • Finance

  • Quality/Safety

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Product Development

  • Supply Chain and Purchasing

  • Regulatory and Risk Management

  • Community Leaders

  • Educators

  • Patient Experience Leaders

  • Business Intelligence

  • IT

See you soon!




Conference Agenda
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