About the Alliance for Performance Excellence

The Alliance for Performance Excellence facilitates organizational excellence and US competitiveness through state and regional Baldrige processes conducted by Members. Our key partner is the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

Our niche is in expanding performance excellence throughout the country and internationally. Unlike most competitors, products and services provided and supported by the Alliance are based on Baldrige.


Our mission is to enhance our members’ ability to grow Baldrige-based performance excellence.


Our vision is to be the premier resource for a thriving Baldrige community.


Visit www.baldrigealliance.org to learn more about the Alliance for Performance Excellence.



State and regional Baldrige-based programs, all of which are members of the Alliance for Performance Excellence, help organizations in their areas to improve using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  Recipients of state and regional programs’ top tier award are eligible to apply and the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. 




  • Bob Bitner, Mid-Atlantic Alliance for Performance Excellence

  • Brian Lassiter, Performance Excellence Network

  • Geri Markley, Michigan Performance Excellence

  • Theron Post, Performance Excellence Northwest

  • Anne Warner, Excellence North Alliance