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We’re excited for you to meet our speakers and panelists.
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Wade Aschbrenner

Charter School of San Diego

Tiffany Yandell

Charter School of San Diego

Tiffany Yandell.jpg

A Quality Journey: Our Pathway to Innovation

“Kids Come First” at The Charter School of San Diego (CSSD). The charter school provides free, personalized education to engage and redirect grade 6–12 students at risk of not graduating from high school through a hybrid in-person/online study program. The ultimate goal is to transform students’ lives by helping them graduate with a diploma or by redirecting them back to a traditional school site. CSSD currently serves about 3,500 students annually and since its establishment in 1994 has served nearly 48,000 students. CSSD is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., operates 13 instructional and educational resource center classrooms in San Diego County, and employs 130 workforce members.  CSSD is a two-time Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient.

session 1

Karen Kliment Thompson

Community Hospital - McCook, NE

A Rural Nebraska Approach to Community Excellence

McCook Nebraska is celebrating some great wins. The Community Hospital adopted the Baldrige framework showing success and  receiving the Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence Peak Award  in 2015. The McCook community, with the Hospital as its backbone organization, was ready to join in the fun and became part of the  2018 Communities of Excellence cohort. Learn how this Baldrige  side by side journey works for McCook!


Jake Dablemont


Workforce Engagement:  Gaining their Emotional and Intellectual Commitment

Workforce engagement is defined as "the extent of workforce members' emotional and intellectual commitment to accomplishing your organization's work, mission, and vision. This presentation will focus on MidwayUSA's process for evaluating, improving, and sustaining high levels of workforce engagement. 


Carey Riccitelli

The County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

Driving Excellence Through a Shared Vision: The Live Well San Diego Experience

As the Director of the Office of Strategy of Innovation at the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA), Ms. Riccitelli promotes a systems perspective and culture of innovation at the Agency, using the Baldrige Framework as a vehicle to increase societal well-being. Ms. Riccitelli will be sharing highlights of the Agency's experience Lighting the Way to Excellence in their Baldrige journey and the efforts of staff, leadership, and community
stakeholders in striving toward HHSA’s Live Well San Diego vision of a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely, and Thriving.


Karen Kiel Rosser

Mary Greeley Medical Center

Making Your Strategy Come to Life through Disciplined Deployment

You’ve systematically developed your strategic plan to focus on key objectives and action plans. Now it’s time to implement through effective deployment strategies. Come learn how Mary Greeley Medical Center, a 2019 National Malcolm Baldrige recipient, creates a laser focus on its Big Dot Goals and engages those closest to the work through line-of-sight responsibility to achieve breakthrough results. Combining the Baldrige Framework and the Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX), Mary Greeley has effectively reduced RN turnover by more than 50% and has reduced serious harm by more than 60%.

Concurrent Sessions 2

session 2
Bristol Headshot 3-31-22.jpg

Bristol Ellington

City of Henderson, NV

Polly Walker

City of Henderson, NV

Polly Walker.jpg

Becoming a Superhero to our Customers and Community

Monsterous customer series is an evil our customers need to be rescued from! This session will provide practical tips on how to combat this evil with a robust and effective customer service strategy. You will gain knowledge on how to identify and implement an organization framework (aligned with the Baldrige Criteria) for capturing, measuring, and improving your customer service approach.


Linda S Martin

Mid-America Transplant

Leadership and Engagement

This presentation will demonstrate how using the Performance Excellence Framework is instrumental in increasing employee engagement, while implementing leadership learnings to drive success across the organization. As a two-time MBNQA winner, we hope to share how the Baldrige business model is transferable across all sectors.


Barbara Jimenez

The County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

Stephanie Norling

Communities of Excellence


Baldrige Principles in Community Work: Key Strategies in implementing the Communities of Excellence Framework in the San Diego South Region Community

What conditions and approaches will foster collaborative community work? This session will describe key factors that have allowed the San Diego South Region Community to successfully adopt and implement the Communities of Excellence Framework. It will provide examples of past and current community work accomplished through a Baldrige lens.

Concurrent Sessions 3

session 3

Janet Grondin

Stellar Solutions

Miranda Risling

Stellar Solutions


Doubling Down on our Dream Job Culture in an Opportunity Rich Environment

The approach to “realizing our dream jobs” has been deployed and is standing the test of time (27 years and counting). Our industryis rapidly growing and that has increased employee opportunities.We are learning from their feedback, continuing to use our deployed tools and adding new approaches to keep up with employee dream job changes and customer critical needs.

Tommy Gonzalez.jpg

Tommy Gonzalez

City Manager, City of El Paso, TX

The Baldrige Impact:  Winning with YourWorkforce First

A snapshot of the City of El Paso's Transformation at an individual, organizational and community level. Focus areas to be featured include building a supportive workforce environment aligned with an organizational culture anchored by continuous improvement.


Lee Butler

Chalmers Ford

Keeping the Truck on the Journey

Overcoming the Baldrige Award "hangover" - Sharing our journey and some key insights.

Eliot Dratch.jpg

Elliot Dratch

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC)

Denise Shields

California Council for Excellence  (CCE)


Providing Higher Quality Jobs to Attract Higher Quality Workers: The Baldrige Connection

Will give an overview of the Job Quality Initiative and review some of the details determined to be significant drivers of defining what a “good job” looks and feels like.

Bob Fangmeyer.jpg

Bob Fangmeyer

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

This session will provide attendees insight into emerging trends in  the global excellence community, planned revisions to the Baldrige Excellence Framework for 2023/2024, and an update on  the effort to "reimagine" the Baldrige Program. 

The Future of Excellence

Concurrent Sessions 4


Joel Peer

Elevations Credit Union

Data analytics has been a vital focus for credit unions nationwide for the greater part of the past decade. This presentation is an example of how Elevations Credit Union has applied data analytics to create value for its members by understanding, analyzing, and anticipating
member needs. Elevations Credit Union continues to apply data analysis across multiple levels of the business and consistently modifies the approach to ensure that they are aligning with the
organizational objectives today and into the future.

Interpreting, Analyzing, and Anticipating Member Needs

IMG_1447 (1).jpg

John Alberts

Austin, MN Public Schools

  • Will share an overview of the district’s strategic planning process that centers on the “desired daily experience” of all stakeholders —students, staff, and parents/guardians

  • Explore how the organization deploys that vision, including the use of “vision cards”; and

  • Identify how the district identifies & responds to opportunities for improvement from its Baldrige evaluation.

Desired Daily Experience: When Strategy Meets Execution

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